Colour temperature

Colour temperature is one of the most important factors when choosing a light source and surveys have shown that colour temperature is even placed more highly by consumers than efficacy. Consideration for the temperature of the colour used is taken seriously in almost every kind of application which just goes to show its meaning. Whether you’re choosing lighting for different rooms in your home, for a range of commercial applications or for large scale displays or events, temperature should always be classed as an important factor. And crucially, different colours are more suitable for different applications.

The way we perceive and interpret colour is hugely influenced by our cultural understanding. We learn from a very young age that fire equals hot and ice cold. This therefore informs our understanding of red and orange hues as warm colours and blue/cyan as cool.

The kind of colour temperature used, greatly influences the environment in which they are in; and can be used to deliver a range of effects such as increased productivity, calmness, alertness and comfort. With this in mind, effective lighting design must keep in mind colour temperature in relation to the specific application. Generally, warmer tones will create a relaxing, calm environment whilst cool tones promote enhanced productivity and alertness.

The Kelvin temperature scale is used to describe the relative colour of a white light source, highlighting whether it’s warmer, in which case it would appear more yellow or gold, or cooler, where it would appear more blue in tone. You can see the scale for yourself here:


One of the best things about LED lighting, apart from their energy efficiency and extended shelf life, is the fact you can actually produce them with an adjustable colour temperature. Adding a dimmer can also allow you to manually regulate the colour intensity for enhanced flexibility. Furthermore, some LED lights are actually capable of providing the entire range of colour temperature.

This makes LED lighting the perfect choice when creating any kind of large scale event, merely for the sheer flexibility of the output. It allows for great creativity and lighting solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with other kinds of commercial lighting. Crucially, it allows complete control and variation of colour temperature.

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